Let's hear it for our underwear! 
Our Fun-to-Wear best underwear

It keeps us warm and dry down there....


Yes, this is the poem you've been asking for, the #1 crowd-pleasing gigglefest I've been reading to kid across the country at school visits and festivals for years.

You begged, pleaded and cajoled for a print copy. Who am I to refuse panty-waving fans?

From boxers to bloomers and briefs to bikinis, whether they're frilly, silly, or saggy, you'll find them all in this silly romp through your top drawers. That's a pun, BTW. Did you get it?  

Mike Boldt, who illustrated Little Jack Horner, Live From the Corner, has drawn the perfect partner to Captain Underpants. And you should see what he can do with a thong.

We worked hard to make this book fun to read for adults too coz Lord knows you'll be reading it again and again. And again. And again. And--

Ode to Underwear/Scholastic Canada/ISBN 9781443124751 $7.99



"“Let’s hear it for our underwear/ Our fun-to-wear best underwear!” With those words, Helaine Becker begins an entertaining romp celebrating everyone’s basic item of clothing. Similarly, Mike Boldt’s colourful digital illustrations promise cheerful mischief on the first page as a pair of boxer shorts peeks out of a drawer, checking to see if the coast is clear.

As Becker enumerates the different kinds of undergarments (“Those with bows and those quite sheer/ Those with heroes on the rear,”) Boldt shows them emerging from drawers and cupboards, marching down the hallway and gathering in the living room for a lively party while the humans are away. Only the sight of a small boy passing by the picture window is enough to break up the party – but not the sense of fun.

Becker is a versatile and accomplished author capable of writing adventure novels, award-winning science books and playful picture books. Here the wackier elements of her talent are given free rein and it obvious that she is revelling in the sheer silliness of her topic.

Boldt’s remarkably expressive underwear – with their cheery faces and stick legs and arms – creep out of drawers and closets, flex muscles and join in the parade, looking like characters in an old Hollywood musical. One can practically hear “Seventy-Six Trombones” – or perhaps that should be “Seventy-Six Long Johns.”

Ode to Underwear is giggle-inducing, lively fun." 
- National Reading Campaign

"3 Stars! Helaine Becker has created an ode to what is perhaps the most vital piece of clothing – underwear. While the family is gone, the underpants come out to play, each pair unique and special in its own way. Readers can follow along with the bouncing rhythm of this story as different kinds of undergarments have fun around the house, at least until their owners come home again!
     Ode to Underwear is a fun, appreciative poem lively illustrated with colourful clothing depictions from Mike Boldt. Because this is actually a poem presented in book format rather than a full story, the text of Ode to Underwear is quite short, and the rhyming scheme will make it a quick and easy read for many. Boldt’s vibrant, cartoonish illustrations give each pair of underwear a personality of its own, and, with the images taking up most of the space on each page, this book is great for reading and sharing out loud…
     A creative, entertaining poem to honour an often overlooked piece of clothing, Ode to Underwear offers readers a chance to laugh out loud while they celebrate their bloomers, boxers, and briefs.
  - CM Magazine

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