Being a kid can be stressful. With so little control over schedules and surroundings, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and out of control. With this in mind, we've created a wonderful playbook for dealing with stress-in a stress-free format!

Readers can flip to any page in the book, and read about common, everyday scenarios that cause stress, then get 
easy-to-try-it-right-now advice on techniques to help them manage emotions, and make calmer choices.

With an accessible, and light-hearted tone, these books will help kids learn how to create a happier and more relaxed approach to school, friendships, parents, homework and more!

Stress LESS: 978-1-4431-4870-2
Don't Stress : 978-14431-4842-9
You Got This: 978-14431-7045-1

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"The 88 activities in this nonfiction paperback book for elementary school-aged children can help minimize stress. Some activities, such as stretching, weighing pros and cons, and progressive relaxation, are described on two to three pages, but most appear on one page or in a small paragraph. Quotes, examples, and supplementary facts pertaining to the topics appear in cloud formations on every second page. Black and white silhouetted patterns decorate the page. These greyish suns, hearts, and animals add a subdued feel to the page. Most suggested activities are free, and they can be done alone or with a friend or family member (jump for joy, colouring, make a to-do list). The smiley sun and rainbow covered book may draw more girls than boys, but the suggestions inside do include stress relievers that will appeal to boys (practice a sport, play a game, listen to music). The author has included options for children who like to be physically active and for those who like to be creative. Some options only require a change in thinking. The one-page introduction provides examples of things children might be stressed about, but older and younger children could extrapolate suggestions from the book and incorporate them into their own lives.

     There is no back material at the end of the book, but the table of contents page will help the reader quickly navigate to specific areas. The topics are not in alphabetically order, but they may be listed by most popular or recognizable. The first three pages are about stretching, smiling, and breathing. This is an excellent self-help book for children, parents, and teachers. The author’s words have a can-do attitude, empowering everyone who reads them."

Highly Recommended.
                                                                          - CM Magazine

"Tale a deep breath. Exhale slowly. Ahhh. . . Doesn’t that feel good? Stay in the moment. Breathe. Relax. Explore common stress-inducing scenarios, and then learn how to manage your emotions and make calmer choices. With an accessible, light-hearted tone, this book will help kids learn how to create a happier, more relaxed approach to dealing with school, friendship, parents, homework and more!  
​                                        - Canadian Children's Book Centre

" I have recommended her books to countless children, youth and adults (in my practice as a clinical social worker). In fact, I was going to write a review for my professional association. Don’t Stress is a masterpiece as far as I’m concerned...Her book has literally been a game changer for some of my clients. One guy in particular reads Don’t Stress when he gets triggered. His dads tell me it’s made a big difference, he follows a lot of the suggestions. To me, it’s all about giving kids (and adults) tools, skills. It doesn’t have to be complicated. I have had so much fun demonstrating, for example, how to “strike a power pose” and have shown kids that’s it ok and beneficial sometimes to “put your feet up.” And I’d show them how. Her book has broken the ice and helped me connect with kids, sometimes have a laugh with them. It’s been such a gift, a wonderful resource for me. I feel indebted." 
                                                   -Rob M. Clinical Social Worker

Stress LESS -  
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