"A great collection of
comic possibilities!"
-School Library Journal

This book is full of seriously funny stuff. It's a workshop in all types of humor—the fun part is deciding what type of funny you are! You'll find out how to come up with a killer stand-up comedy routine, and how to draw your own sidesplitting comic strips. You'll see what separates a good clown from a stupendous one, and how to perform clown basics like juggling and pratfalls. You'll also find some previously classified information on how to make the most gut-bustingly hysterical practical jokes ever, without getting grounded! [Cue laugh track]

Tasty recipes, hilariously inspired crafts, crazy jokes, fascinating facts, and giggle-inducing activities complement each chapter. Impress dinner guests with a batch of Earthworms and Dirt Cups; add sound effects to your act with a pair of vinyl slapstick gloves; and liven up a party with a Very Silly Walk-a-Thon.

Claudia Dávila's innovative, energetic art mirrors the wit and whimsy of Helaine's writing, bringing full-color life to each page. To be enjoyed alone, shared with friends and family, and presented at parties, Funny Business is sure to deliver laughter and smiles at home or at school.


" Are you a budding comic or clown, do you like making people laugh, or are you simply interested in learning jokes, tricks and cartoon drawing techniques? Then have a look at Funny Business. In it, the authors of Boredom Blasters cover 'Clowning Around, Practical Jokes, Cool Comedy, Cartooning, and More ...'

It starts with the Lowdown on Laughter, including the fact that kids laugh way more than adults do, and that laughter is good for us. There's a detailed anatomy of a laugh, a joke is dissected, and types of humor explained (with examples). Stand-Up Comedy has tips on timing, body lingo, shtick, props, putting it all together, and (occasionally) bombing. Next comes a series of games for Improvization practice (they make great party games too!)

Ready to try Clowning Around? Find out your clown type (Auguste, Pierrot, Character), and take Clown Fashion 101 (don't forget to make a secret pocket). Then learn how to make an entrance, to fall (a lot), and practice individual and paired routines. Next come Practical Jokes including how to prepare Spooky Pranks like a Corpse's Finger. Finally, come tricks of the trade for drawing Comic Strips and Cartoons, including visual language shortcuts, how to create the gag, and flipbook animation.

You can have all kinds of fun with Funny Business. Explore your comic intelligence, try out gags and routines on friends, create a cartoon strip, and make all kinds of tasty recipes.." - Book Loon

"There's no business like funny business when Helaine Becker is at the helm. Hot on the heels of the good-time-for-all, smash hit Boredom Blasters, Funny Business serves up another barrel of laughs. This book is full of seriously funny jokes, activities, and games, so hold onto your hats and let the hilarity begin." - Theatre Books

Attention Teachers! For ideas on how to use Funny Business in the classroom, click here.
"Contains a wealth of information for young people interested in the business of laughter...This book could be a great way to amuse potential clowns over vacation periods, and it will give hours of amusement at very little cost, no batteries required....sure to please your budding clowns. Recommended."
-CM Magazine

"Would-be comedians will learn how to create killer stand-up comedy, comics strips, gut busting practical jokes and more."
- Today's Parent

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Red Cedar
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Hardcover | 160pp | 7" x 7" | $22.95 | US$21.95 | ISBN: 1-897066-40-6

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