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"20 must-read Halloween books for kids!"

It's Halloween and Jack and his ghouly family and friends have put together a haunted house. As the rhyme goes along, we meet a ghost, a witch, a mummy, a fairy, a monster and more. At the end of the rhyme, we see that all of the characters are actually just friends and family dressed up in costumes.

This not-so-spooky story also comes in an audio version so little ghosts can listen along as they read on their own.

Also available in French! To order La maison hantéeque Jacques a bâtieclick here.


"Inspired by The House That Jack Built, Becker and Parkins create a delightful story of Halloween fun. Each double page spread features a new ghoul, with the exception of the "fairy all forlorn" who is bit by the "count, on the prowl until morn". The cute wit, combined with the comical illustrations, makes this a great read-aloud book. Both children and adults can enjoy the brightly coloured pages, the evenly paced rhymes, the spirited characters and the satisfying ending - complete with Verta Bray's Recipe for Halloween Skeleton Stew. A great addition to Halloween collections! Highly Recommended."

- CM Magazine

"A perfect Halloween read-aloud." - Canadian Children's Book Centre News

"With a Halloween twist to the classic This is the House that Jack Built nursery rhyme, this book’s cute illustrations make for a delightful read for younger trick-or-treaters. The repetition of lines as the story progresses will also boost word recognition and encourage reading — but don’t tell your kid that."

 - Chronicle Herald 

"This wonderful Hallowe'en book for young children has a house that Jack built, a ghost, a ghoul, the mummy, the beast with the pointy horn, a fairy, a count, a skeleton, a witch, and a monster and a lot of Hallowe'en rhyming fun. The illustrations are incredible. With each page we are introduced to a new creature and the story expands. The rhyme becomes more complicated and extended as we meet the creatures and there is an unexpected twist at the end. This book will be great fun for children of all ages."

- Book Reviews and More

"Jake's Review: Cool its by Helaine Becker, I like her books. It is a fun story with lots of really funny pictures. It is easy to read and I think it would be a better story for younger boys like my midget brother. The guy who did the pictures has a great imagination and the pictures are fun not scary....I really liked the little rhyme at the end of the book, it made me laugh. 
Jake's Rating: 8.5/10

Mom's Review: O.K. I will admit it I am prejudiced on this one, I adore Helaine Becker and I LOVE Halloween, so you know it's probably going to get a good rating just based on those facts.  But it really is a lovely book. The illustrations are absolutely adorable, and nice and bright and colourful...I loved the rhyme and the injection of a few big new words for the little ones to learn.  This would be a great book to read to the little ones in the 3- 5 age at Halloween, and a great story for the 5 1/2 - 8 yr old to read by themselves. A great addition to any [library!] 
Mom's Rating: 9/10"

- Rayment's Readings

Scholastic Canada ISBN:978-0545985390