Did you know that early hockey pucks were made of cow poop? No? Well then crack open a copy of The Hilarious History of Hockey and get the all the funny facts and most ridiculous trivia about hockey history! Young hockey fans will learn the playful truth about the time the Montreal Canadiens left the Stanley Cup in the snow at the side of the road. Oops! And why exactly do Red Wings fans throw seafood on the ice? From trivia about the players to all of the gaffes, misses and downright embarrassing moments in hockey history, each page is guaranteed to bring a smile to the reader's face. No doubt about it, 
The Hilarious History of Hockey  
is serious fun for serious hockey fans!


The Hilarious History of Hockey shows how much fun playing hockey can be. The book is divided into chapters corresponding to the periods of a hockey game. These are of varying lengths. Chapter one, the introduction, is called "Game Opener." It is a fanciful introduction to the game of hockey which may, or may not, have originated in ancient Egypt. Similar games, such as the Irish game of hurling, are considered as possible ancestors of hockey. The second chapter, "First Period: The Early Modern Era," gives a history of the game`s formative years from 1887 to 1913. Chapter three, "Second Period: Hockey Enters Its Pimply Teen Years," is about hockey's coming of age and traces the game`s progress up to the 1970s. The fourth chapter, "Third Period: The Modern Era Begins," starts with the 1972 Summit Series between the Soviet Union and Canada and ends with the early years of the 21st century. The book ends with a half page "Post-Game Analysis." 

The book contains many bits of hockey trivia. One example, 'Game Highlight,' mentions that the oldest hockey stick sold for $2,000,000 in 2006. The three central chapters each contain two pages of cartoons. In "First Period," these are called 'Great Moments in Hockey History' and illustrate the journey of the Dawson City Nuggets to Ottawa to play the Ottawa Hockey Club for the Stanley Cup in 1905. In addition, the book is illustrated throughout with many humorous black and white drawings. To show how silly the game can be, lists of nicknames of many former players, such as "Old Bootnose" Sid Abel and Alf "the Embalmer" Pike, are included. A mini dictionary, "Hilarious Hockey Terms," has definitions of nine terms including Waffle and Zebra. 

Considerable research was required for the writing of The Hilarious History of Hockey. It contains a treasure trove of historical data. An index helps to make it a valuable resource for young hockey fans. 

Highly Recommended!

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Scholastic Canada
French edition:978-1443100403 

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