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Volume 5: The Emperor
Strikes Out!

Reese has lost the magic coin to his arch-enemy, Snotty Snodgrass. As they combat for the coin, they suddenly find themselves in the Roman Colosseum, in chains, and about to be fed to lions! Can Reese convince the emperor that baseball's more fun than bloodshed?See Review
The Looney Bay All-Stars
The Bestselling Series from
Scholastic Canada

Volume 1: Pirate Power Play!

When Reese McSkittles searches the empty rink for his lost mitten, he is waylaid by pirates. They want him to be their next deck hand – willing or not! Reese challenges the swashbucklers to a hockey game against the Looney Bay All-Stars. Can they win the game, and Reese's freedom?  See Review

Get ready for adventure, Canadian style! The Looney Bay All-Stars put sports first, except when they're forced to take on dastardly pirates, warring knights, rambunctious Vikings and other troubled time-travelers.  This all new, always exciting and thoroughly hilarious chapter-book series will score big points with beginning readers who enjoy their sports mixed with seriously inspired silliness.
This exciting and hilarious chapter book series from Scholastic will have you in stitches!
Vol. 1: Pirate Power Play!
64 pp./ ISBN 0-439-94619-0/$5.99
Vol. 2: Attack by Knight
64 pp./ ISBN 0-439-94621-2/$5.99
Volume 2: Attack by Knight

An ordinary field trip to the Museum becomes extraordinary when Reese stumbles across not one, but two time-traveling knights - with a mortal hatred of each other! Can Reese prevent the battle of the millenium, and beat the pads off the Trinity Bay Marauders - Looney Bay's arch-rivals in lacrosse? See Review 
Volume 3: The Vikings Have a Field Day

Stinky Vikings are swarming historic L'anse aux Meadows. They're totally ticked at the “Canadians” who left their camp in ruins. Reese and his pals better run - or else! But there's one more hurdle ahead for the All-Stars. Bloodthirsty Skraelings are storming the shore !

Vol. 4: Explorers Out of Bounds
64 pp./978-0-439-94625-4/$5.99

"Readers who like
to laugh will love the Looney Bay
  All-Stars series!"   - Chronicle Herald

"With Pirate Power Play, Helaine Becker has begun a fun and feisty chapter book series...[there's] not much formulaic about Beckers’ sense of fun with characters and situations, nor about Sampar’s playful and delightful illustrations which add a wonderful sense of richness and detail to an amusing story.
The main characters’ ingenuity and the ensuing battle make a vastly enjoyable book in what is often a sadly neglected genre. Becker’s chapter book is refreshing. More is welcome."

***/4 Recommended
-CM Magazine

"a great new series for
early readers"
- Today's
Vol. 3: The Vikings Have A Field Day
64 pp./978-0-439-94623-0/$5.99
Volume 4: Explorers Out of Bounds

John Cabot and his crew have landed in Looney Bay. They're hungry for big plates of pasta, but all Reese and his friends want is some peace and quiet. Will either group get their wish when they are transported to the time of the Beothuks, and have to win a soccer shoot out for their lives? See review.
"[Attack by Knight] is entertaining and adventurous with active characters who play both of Canada's official sports - hockey and lacrosse. There are historical references as well as modern-day problems to be solved. If it can capture the right audience, the series promises to be both popular with young readers and approved by discriminating adults. The award-winning illustrator, Samuel Parent, otherwise known as Sampar, depicts the emotions of all the various characters with black-and-white illustrations that give life to the story.

***/4 Recommended
-CM Magazine

"The fast paced plot and humour of [Attack by Knight] will appeal to its young audience. The large type, multitude of pictures and short chapter length make this book easily accessible to beginning readers. Young readers would also relate to the topic of sports, sportsmanship and fantasy. Readers who enjoy reading this volume will gravitate to others in the series."

- Resource Links

Vol. 5: The Emperor Strikes Out
64 pp./978-0-545-99731-7/$5.99

Volume 6: Egyptian Slam Dunk

The Egyptian Pharaoh, King Tootandhonkin, has shown up in Reese's bedroom, and he believes a basketball game is a challenge he must face on his journey through the afterlife. It becomes a classic girls-against-boys battle, though,  when another ancient Egyptian shows up - the beautiful, high-jumping, slam-dunker, Cleopatra! See Review
[In Explorers Out of Bounds,] with the help of a mysterious coin, Reese McSkittles and his buddies are off on another adventure--this time with ancient explorer John Cabot. All it takes is for Reese to inadvertently rub the coin, and Cabot and his ship, the Matthew, appear in Looney Bay off the coast of Newfoundland....This new series by Helaine Becker combines Canadian historical fiction with energetic, sports-loving young characters....The short, suspenseful chapters pique the readers' interest and keep them yearning for the next installment.

***/4 Highly Recommended
- CM Magazine
A 2007 "Our Choice" Selection!
A 2007 "Our Choice" Selection!

Vol. 6: Egyptian Slam Dunk
64 pp./978-0-545-99733-1/$5.99

"[The Emperor Strikes Out] is as crazy and lively as the previous four installments, with just enough excitement to keep kids engaged and yet not be too far fetched. Young readers will enjoy the antics and suspense that Helaine Becker weaves into her text. She has the ability to take many loose threads within a story and the series and then intertwine them together to make a wonderfully entertaining text readers will surely enjoy."

***/4 Highly Recommended
- CM Magazine

"Dear Ms. Becker,

I just wanted to drop you a quick line (or two or three) to let you know how much my son LOVES the Looney Bay All-Stars series. 

When his last report card came home a few weeks ago, one of the comments was that he needed to spend more time reading.  He commented that he had read one of your books at school and would like to read the rest of the series.  Well, he is now finishing the last book in the series and wants to know when the next one comes out! 

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!  I practically have to drag the book out of his hands when it’s bed time (I never thought that I would hear “just a few more pages” from him.)  I love to read and am so happy to see that he does now too.

Thanks again!" 

Laura J.

Volume 7: Final Faceoff

Queen Elizabeth I arrives in Newfoundland in search of her loyal servant, Sir Francis Drake, when a fleet of ships appears in the harbor - the Spanish Armada! Can Reese convince Good Queen Bess to settle her differences with Spain the Canadian way, with a good ol' hockey game?

"Egyptian Slam Dunk is the sixth book in the 'Looney Bay All-Stars' series. The books incorporate history and sports into a storyline that children will find easy and enjoyable to read...

Through his illustrations, Sampar, also known as Samuel Parent, adds appeal and animation to Egyptian Slam Dunk. His illustrations vary in size and location on the page, and the personality of each of his characters is clearly expressed in facial expressions, body language and clothing styles. A finalist for the 2004 Governor General's Literacy Award, Sampar has illustrated all the books in the "Looney Bay All-Stars" series. His work can also be found in the French magazine Safarir."

***/4 Recommended                                    - CM Magazine

Vol. 7: Final Faceoff
72 pp./978-0-545-99009-7/$5.99