Psychic phenomena have been raising the hairs on the backs of necks for centuries. Are You Psychic? takes the spooky out of the paranormal world, putting psychic abilities to the test—even your own! What is Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)? Do psychic powers really exist, or can they be explained by science? Better yet, how can we have fun with it? Are You Psychic? is chock-full of exciting activities to try with friends, amazing ways to test psychic abilities, and even exposes the tricks that phony psychics use to fool us.

A refreshing, kid-friendly design and engaging illustrations complement the high-spirited text. This book will spark interest in skeptics and believers alike, providing tools to become your own psychic investigator. Identify and weed out the real thing from the scheming phonies, and have a great time testing friends, family, even your pets!

"Are You Psychic? rolls age appropriate, quality information (think first year psychology course) into a snazzy package, with the perfect `all about me' perspective that late elementary, early middle school aged kids love...a great addition to a classroom or school library, and even a fun birthday present...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."
- CM Magazine

"This fast-paced, jam-packed introduction to psychic phenomena has good vibes...Are You Psychic? will entertain children with inquiring minds and encourage them to observe, think, ask, test, and arrive responsibly at conclusions."
- Quill & Quire

"Well researched, easy to understand and inviting, this visionary read will entrance readers young and old."
- Today's Parent

"Psychic phenomena has long intrigued the young and old alike. Becker's exploration of the topic is sure to excite young people eager to delve into the unexplainable. The chapters include: Are You Psychic?, Mind Reading, Fakes & Phonies, Clairvoyance. Fortune-Telling, and Psychokinesis. What makes this book outstanding is the fun experiments that readers can try out for themselves. For example, in the section titled, "How's Your Aura?" an experiment involves holding a hanger and pointing it towards your friend who is 3 m (10 ft) away and asking the friend to concentrate his/her energy on moving the hanger. This activity is supposed to detect a person's aura.

For the more skeptical among us, Becker provides other explanations of psychic phenomena (i.e. the power of suggestion).
The entire book is presented in an easy, non-dogmatic fashion that encourages the reader to explore their own feelings about these phenomena.
The book is brightly illustrated with short easy to read, blocks of information. This fun-filled book is not only entertaining but also educational.

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"This is a solid offering for kids interested in honing their paranormal skills."
- School Library Journal
Hardcover | 64pp | 8 1/2 X 9 1/2 | $21.95 | US$16.95 | ISBN: 1-897066-20-1

Paperback | 64pp | 8 1/2 X 9 1/2 | $12.95 | US$9.95 | ISBN: 1-897066-21-X
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