Readings and Performances

  • Vancouver Writer's Festival
  • Tucson Book Festival
  • Orange County (Calif) Children's Book Festival
  • SCBWI Canada East Keynote
  • Frye Fest
Children's Festival
  • 3X Canada Council
    National Author Tour

  • Word on the Street Festival
  • Owl Magazine Anniversary Celebration
  • Kids Can Press Anniversary Celebration
  • Hundreds of school and library appearances across Canada

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I have a POLICE CHECK saying I'm good to go for schools. :) Documentation provided on request.

I am a member of the Writer's Union of Canada. As such, my public performance at your location my be funded by a Canada Council grant. For more information, contact the Writer's Union.

Helaine Becker is an award-winning writer of books for children. She has written over 70 books, including the best-selling picture books, A Porcupine in a Pine Tree and Dashing Through the Snow; chapter books, including the Looney Bay All-Stars series; popular non-fiction, including Worms for Breakfast, Zoobots, Alphabest and The Quiz Book for BFFs; and novels including Gottika, Dirk Daring, Secret Agent, and How to Survive Absolutely Anything.

She also writes for children's magazines and for kids television. She has written four seasons of Dr. Greenie's Mad Lab, a segment on Planet Echo, an environmental science show airing on APTN , and is hard at work on several other TV projects.

Helaine is ia popular presenter and performer at schools across Canada and the US. She was selected  to tour three times for Canadian Children’s Book Week (Yukon in 2006 Nunavut in 2008, and Manitoba in 2014). She has presented at Vancouver Writers Fest, Tucson Festival of Book, IFOA, the Orange County (California) Children's Festival, the Festival of Women Writers, Frye Fest, Weaving Words, and other major venues. She has also been the keynote speaker at SCBWI Canada East's regional conference in 2016. She presents to kids AND to writers, teaching writing skills re: fiction, non-fiction, verse and the business side of writing.

Both an American and Canadian citizen, Ms. Becker attended high school in New York and graduated cum laude from Duke University in another century. She is married, with two sons, and is an active swimmer, runner, cyclist, and compulsive read-aholic.  She has an orange belt in karate and is contemplating going for her grapefruit belt.

Helaine loves bright shiny colorful things, especially happy faces and flowers. She is crazy about fluffy dogs, coral reefs,  ice cream and color-changing nailpolish.


> Helaine once won an owner-dog look alike contest.

> Her poem Ode to Underwear was set to music by the popular Canadian band, the Irish Descendants, and played nationally on CBC radio. More people ask her to read this poem than all her other funny poems combined. It's now available in a book!

> Her dog Ella is the cutest dog in the world. She is a puli - a Hungarian sheepdog. Ella's predecessor, Marley, also a puli, appeared in Boredom Blasters in her own comic strip. Sharp-eyed readers will find Marley making cameo appearances in several other of Helaine's books too!

> Michael and Andrew, her two children, were inspirations for Wallace P. "Wiggy" Wigden and Reese McSkittles.

> Helaine is a certified pyrotechnics practitioner!.that means she knows how to set up and explode fireworks.

> Helaine thinks variety is the spice of life so she is always trying new things. She has a zillion projects in the works including chapter books, graphic novels, poetry collections and more!

> Helaine recently spent 6 weeks in Ethiopia, teaching creative writing and talking to students and teachers in schools and libraries in various parts of the country.

> Helaine frequently volunteers her brain for research - as a study 'control.' That means her brain is the normal brain they are using for comparison in scientific studies. Now THAT's funny.

Photo Gallery
With fabulous children's author Sherri Fitch (and Wallace P. "Wiggy" Wigden) at the
Aloud Children's Festival
Word on the Street Book Festival
On the Main Stage at the Aloud Children's Festival
With physicist Neil Turok, accepting
our matching Lane Anderson awards for Science Writing
Photo credits: Heather Rivlin, Karl Szasz, Michael Szasz
Accepting the award at the
  2006 Silver Birch Award Ceremony
At Colegio de Roosevelt in Lima, Peru, where I spent a week teaching student workshops in April '06
With the fabulous students of Blessed Kateri School.
I should have my head examined - volunteering for a brain research study at the Rotman Institute.
Our adorable Puli, named Ella, is an avid reader. Of course.
Secret Agent Y.O.U.
Japanese Edition
With fellow children's authors Helene Boudreau, Marina Cohen and Debra Kerbel.
Me, at age 9.
Reading about Wiggling.
With author Rebecca Upjohn at the Waterdown School Literacy Festival.
With some great kids at their
school in California!
Loving life!


Planet Echo
Dr. Greenie’s Mad Lab
Seasons 1 2, 3 and 4 – airing on APTN


Scholastic Canada
Don't Stress! (2016)
Top Secret: Uncover Your Inner Spy (2016)
Would You Survive? Quiz Book (2015)
  OLA Best Bets Honourable Mention
The Quiz Book about Me (2015)
A Porcupine in a Pine Tree BOARD BOOK (2015)
Dashing through the Snow (2014)
Do You Dare? (2014)
The Quiz Book for BFFS2 (2014)
Ode to Underwear (2013)
Live from the Corner, It’s Little Jack Horner (2012)
   2013 OLA Best Bet - Honourable Mention
   2013 Best of the Year - Resourcelinks
A Porcupine in a Pine Tree (2010)
   2011 #1 National Bestseller
   2011 Picture Book of the Year -CBA
   2010 OLA Best Bet – Top 10 Picture book
   2011 Best of the Year -Resourcelinks
The Haunted House that Jack Built (2010)
The Hilarious History of Hockey (2010)
   2011 Hackmatack Award Shortlist
Quiz Book for Boys (2010)
Quiz Book for Girls (2011)
Quiz Book for Spies (2012)
Quiz Books for BFFs (2012)
Looney Bay All-Stars Fiction Series:
Vol. 1 Pirate Power Play (2006) 
    2007 ‘Our Choice’ Selection
Vol. 2 Attack by Knight (2006) 
    2007 ‘Our Choice’ Selection
Vol. 3 Vikings Have a Field Day (2007)
Vol. 4 Explorers out of Bounds (2007)
Vol. 5 The Emperor Strikes Out (2007)
Vol. 6 Egyptian Slam Dunk (2008)
Vol. 7 Final Faceoff (2008)

Orca Books
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: Dirk Daring #2 (2016)
Dirk Daring, Secret Agent (2014)
   CCBC Best Bets for Children and Teens

Dancing Cat Books
Gottika (2014)

Tundra Books
Juba This, Juba That (2011)

National Geographic Kids
Everything: Space (2015)

Fitzhenry and Whiteside
Trouble in the Hills (2011) (YA)
How to Survive (2012) (YA)

Kids Can Press
Monster Science (2016)
Zoobots (2014)
    2014 JLG selection
    Silver Birch Honour Award 
    CCBC Best Bets for Children and Teens
    2015 Diamond Willow Award Shortlist
Alphabest (2012)
The  Big Green Book of the Big Blue Sea (2012)
    Lane Anderson Award for Science Writing for Children
    2013 Outstanding Youth Book - CSWA

Owlkids & Mapletree Press (Children’s Non-fiction)
Worms for Breakfast: How to Feed a Zoo (2016)
    2016 JLG selection
Magic up Your Sleeve (2010)
   2010 OLA Best Bet – Top 10 Nonfiction
What’s the Big Idea? (2009)
   2011 Best of the Year –Resourcelinks
   2011 Silver Birch Honour Award
   2010 Cdn Toy Testing Council Best Books
   2010 CCBC Best Books for Kids &Teens
   2010 Longlist – Information Book Award
   2009 OLA Best Bet – Top 10 Nonfiction
The Insecto-files (2009)
   2010 Winner – Lane Anderson Science 
   Writing Award   
   2012 Shortlist – Red Cedar Award
   2011 Shortlist – Hackmatack Award 
   2010 CCBC Best Books for Kids &Teens
   2009 Shortlist – Silver Birch Award
Science on the Loose (2008) 64 pp.
    2011 Shortlist – Red Cedar Award
    2009 OLA Best Bet
    2008 NAPPA Gold Award
    2008 Recommended – Canadian
    Children’s Book News
    2008 Great Books for Kids – Canadian
    Toy Testing Council    
    2008 CYBIL Nominee – YA/Middle
    Grade Non-fiction
Mother Goose Unplucked (2007) 
    2009 Shortlisted – Hackmatack Award
    2007 Best of 2007 – Resource Links
Secret Agent Y.O.U. (2006) 
    2008 Winner - Silver Birch Award
    2009 Red Cedar Award
    2007 ‘Our Choice’ Selection
    2006 Best of the Year – Resource Links;
    Top Ten Canadian Non-fiction Books for Children – Ontario Library Association
Like A Pro (2006) 
    2007 Recommended – Canadian Toy
    Testing Council
    2007 Silver Medal Independent Publisher
    (IPPY) Juvenile/YA Non-fiction
     Nominee-Foreword Magazine Book of the Year
Funny Business (2005) 
    2007 Recommended – Canadian Toy Testing Council
    Shortlisted - Red Cedar Award
Are You Psychic? (2005) 
    2007 Shortlisted - Red Cedar Award
    2006 Canadian Children's Book Centre,  Our Choice Selection
    2005 Ontario Library Association, Best Bets List -  Top Ten Canadian Children's Books; Children’s Literature Roundtables,         Shortlist -  Best Information Book of the Year
Boredom Blasters (2004) 
    2006 Winner - Silver Birch Award
    2005 Canadian Children's Book Centre,  Our Choice Selection; Alberta Children's Choice,  Shortlist—2006 Rocky Mountain       Book Award
    2004 Chapters/Indigo,  Best of 2004; Book Sense,  Children's Picks List for Winter 2004-2005

Rigby Publishers
Spelling Puzzlers for Grade 1 (2000) 96 pp.

Stoddart Kids (Children’s Poetry
Mama Likes to Mambo: A Collection of Verse (2001)32 pp.
    Our Choice Outstanding Merit;
    Ontario Elementary Teachers’ Association, Recommended Summer Reading

Blackbirch Press (Children’s Biography)
John Brown: A Biography (2001) 104 pp.
Frederick Douglass: A Biography (2001) 104pp.

Owlkids Books (Children’s Fiction)
Read with Chirp (2006) 

Learning Resources (Educational and Children’s Fiction)
Reading Rods Reader – Superdude (16 pp.)
Reading Rods Reader – Twirly Girl (16 pp.)
Reading Rods Reader – Ben’s Tent? (16 pp.)
Reading Rods Reader – Peanut-Free!(16pp.)
Reading Rods Reader – Sheep Dee (16 pp.)
Reading Rods Reader – Lost &Found(16pp.)
Reading Rods Reader – Socks (16 pp.)
Reading Rods Reader – Rosa’s Cold(16 pp.)
Flip Over Math: Addition and Subtraction
Flip Over Math: Story Problems
Flip Over Math – Multiplication & Division
Decoding Math Vol 1. (2005)
Decoding Math Vol 2. (2005)
Decoding Math Vol. 3 (2005)
Graphing K-4 (2006)

Libraries Unlimited (Professional)
Collaborative Teaching in the Middle School – Inquiry: Science (2005) 200 pp.

J. Weston Walch (Professional)
Daily Skill Builders: Science and Technology (2004) 160 pp.

Crabtree Press
Skateboarding Science (2009)
   2010 CCBC Best Books for Kids &Teens


Evan Moor
Hot Topics (contributor) (2007)

Learning Resources
Using Math Manipulatives Guide for Teachers (2005)
Mgears Activity Guide (2005)
ELL Songs and Chants (contributor) (2005)
ELL Songs and Chants – Intermediate (contributor) (2006)

National Teaching Aids Inc., 

Human Heredity Made Easy - Teacher's Guide (154 pp.) (1983)
Your Digestive System
Your Senses
Green Plants
Hide and Seek (Survival by Camouflage)
Your Body
Seeds, Spores and Eggs
Your Glands
Drugs and Nutrition
Your Teeth and Gums
Life in the Sea
Your Skeleton
The Flowering Plant
How Living Things Move
How Things Breathe
Fur, Feathers, Skin and Scales
The Bee
Life in the Tidepool
Plate Tectonics
Mast International , Niesing and Assoc.
Aurora, Ontario
Lasy Activity Guide - Getting in Gear 
Connexion Teacher’s Guide (2003)

Googolplex Toy Systems
Using Googol™ in the Classroom - A Cross
Curricular Activity Guide for the Preschool and Primary Classroom (64 pp. )(1999)

SI Industries
Octaclips Teacher's Guide (36 pp.)(1998)
The Tongue
Toddlers' Teeth
The Tooth
The Eye
The Ear
Life Cycle of the Frog
From Egg to Chick
The Butterfly
From Seed to Plant
The Brain
The Heart
The Skin
The Digestive System
The Ant
The Bee
The Spider
The Rock Cycle
The Water Cycle
The Ocean
The Desert
The Rainforest
The Pond
The Urban Habitat
MODELS PLUS SERIES (Upper Elementary-Middle School):
The Flower (1998)
The Animal Cell (1998)
The Plant Cell (1998)
Technoplus 1 (ECE) (1999)
Technoplus 2 (ECE) (1999)
The Virus (2003)
The Atom (2003)
The Paramecium (2003)
DNA (2006)
The Kidney (2006)
The Lungs (2006)

Scott Resources, Publisher

Great Scientist Kit & Teacher’s Guide: Marie Curie (2008)
Great Scientist Kit & Teacher’s Guide: Barbara McClintock (2008)

How You Began (2000)
Cancer (2000)
AIDS (2001)
Life in the Coral Reef (2002)
Life in the Desert (2002)
Fighting Infection (2002)
The Mealworm (2002)
The Monarch Butterfly (2002)
Vision (2002)
Amphibians (2003)
Mites (2003)
The Rain Forest (2003)
The Tundra (2003)
The Boreal Forest (2004)
The Grasslands (2004)
The Frog (2004)
Predators (2004)

Star Guide (2000)
Human Body  (2000)
Earth History (2000)
Fossils and Evolution (2000)
Solar System Guide (2000)
Orbitor Guide (2000)

Anatomy Teaching Beach Ball (2003)

Scholastic Education

Science of Laughter! Website (2009)

Test Day at Fireworks school.
I went to Vulcan, Alberta and came back as a...Vulcan.
With Bookworm, a puppet we used in the TV Show Planet Echo.
With my boyfriend!!!
With Robert Munsch at a Family Literacy Day event.